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25. "Full Members" of the Club must be serving Police Officers, serving Auxiliary Police Officers or serving Civilians (including civilian Civil Servants, Non-Civil Service Contract Staff, and Non-Government Funds Employees) attached to the Hong Kong Police Force.

26. Associate membership will be separated into three categories as follows:
a. Associate Member (Family)
b. Associate Member (Retiree)
c. Associate Member (Ordinary).
27. Membership for Full Members, Associate Members (Family) and Associate Members (Retiree) is governed by criteria as described in the Sports Council Guidelines and is available by application to the Executive Committee or through participation as an event organizer, volunteer-helpers, or participants, in any training activities or competition events organised by the PAC or serving as an elected office-bearer or committee member of the Executive Committee. Spouses and children under 23 years of age of all Full Members are eligible to apply for Associate Membership (Family). The qualifying age of such children may be amended from time to time in line with any change in the Police Sports Council guidelines specifying the qualifying age of children to participate in any Force sports events. Membership for Full Members, Associate Members (Family) and Associate Members (Retiree) is reviewed annually subject to endorsement of the Executive Committee following an Annual General Meeting. Normally, membership will not be renewed for a member who has stopped to participate or assist in PAC events or activities for more than one year. 
28. In the case of Associate Membership (Ordinary), membership is available by application to the Executive Committee who will forward such application, with a recommendation, to the Sports Council who may approve or reject it. Associate Membership (Ordinary) will be reviewed, on an annual basis, by the Executive Committee and forwarded to the Sports Council for approval. Specific qualifying criteria for Associate Membership are contained in the Sports Council Guidelines.

29. Members of the PAC will have the right to:
a. enjoy the facilities provided by the PAC; and
b. participate in any activities and competition events organised by the PAC.
30. Only Full Members have voting rights. Associate Members do not have voting rights but they may be elected as committee members other than the posts of Chairman, Vice-Chairman (1) & (2) and Treasurer at which time they would have voting rights during committee meetings.

31. Members of the PAC are obliged to :
a. abide by the constitution of the PAC;
b. abide by resolutions passed at a General Meeting;
c. uphold and maintain the reputation of the PAC; and
d. support the PAC in a decent and respectable manner.



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  • 香港十公里挑戰賽

  • 美津濃半馬拉松錦標賽 

  • 渣打香港馬拉松

詳情請於辦公時間,致電 9376-8896/ 2125-2515 或 Email 黄詩俊先生查詢。

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