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Constitution of Police Athletics Club

1. The organisation will be known as the " Police Athletics Club ", hereinafter referred to as 'PAC'.

The correspondence address of the PAC is c/o the elected Chairman at his/her office address.

3. The objectives of the PAC are to:
a. organize athletic events for Force-wide participation;
b. encourage a healthy life-style, through athletics, amongst police officers, their civilian counterparts and their dependents;
c. facilitate the participation of PAC members in any athletic events when representing the Force; and
d. provide coaching, equipment, financial assistance, organizational back-up and any other available facilities to PAC members in furtherance of their athletic pursuits with the Force.

4. The PAC will elect an Executive Committee to manage the affairs of the PAC and to represent the PAC to the Police Sports Council.
5. The Executive Committee will consist of five core members, including Chairman, Vice-Chairman (1) & (2), Secretary and Treasurer. Additional posts may be created with the endorsement from the Annual General Meeting to cater for different areas of duties as recommended by the Chairman. The posts of Chairman, Vice Chairman (1) & (2) and Treasurer must be held by Full Members.
6. The Executive Committee will be elected at an Annual General Meeting of the PAC.
7. The term of office for the Executive Committee members will be one year from the date of an Annual General Meeting to the date of next such meeting. If a committee member vacates his/her office during his/her term of office, the vacancy shall be filled by a Member who is appointed by the Executive Committee. The Police Sports Council should be notified of any such changes within 14 days.
8. The quorum for Executive Committee meetings will be a minimum of
six of the Executive Committee members. All decisions at the committee meetings will be made by simple majority votes. The Chairman shall have one vote which shall be used as a casting vote in the event of a tie.
9. The Executive Committee will work for the improvement and good of the PAC, oversee PAC budgets, implement resolutions passed at an Annual General Meeting or Extraordinary General Meeting and prepare reports as necessary for presentation at General Meetings.

10. The Chairman shall represent the PAC, direct members of the Executive Committee in their work, take overall charge of the PAC and preside over all meetings.
11. The Vice Chairman (1) & (2) shall assist the Chairman in his/her work and act for him in his/her absence.
12. The Secretary shall attend to the secretarial work, submission of papers in accordance with the constitution, retain documents, and compile agenda and record membership and minutes of meetings.
13. The Treasurer will take charge of all financial matters pertaining to the PAC and compile an annual budget and an audited set of accounts for presentation and approval at the Annual General Meeting and subsequent submission to the Sports Council.
14. Functions and powers of other Executive Committee Members are laid down at Annex "A".

Annual General Meeting
15. An Annual General Meeting of the PAC shall be held annually not later than the month of June each year to transact the following business:
a. to pass any amendments to the Constitution;
b. to receive progress reports from the Executive Committee members;
c. to approve the statements of accounts;
d. to receive suggestions from members regarding the policy and activities of the PAC in the coming year;
e. to elect the Executive Committee members; and
f. to appoint auditors.
Extraordinary General Meeting
16. The Chairman shall convene an Extraordinary General Meeting within one month of receiving a joint request from a quarter of the Full Members or following a decision made by the Executive Committee. Likewise, the Chairman may call for meetings to discuss ad hoc issues should he/she consider necessary.
17. Members shall be notified of General Meetings and the Agenda not less than 14 days before the meeting. A notice posted at the PAC Website and the "Force Notice Board" will suffice for this purpose.
18. All decisions will be made by simple majority votes unless it concerns an amendment to the Constitution or dissolution. The Chairman shall have one vote which shall be used as a casting vote in the event of a tie.
19. The quorum of a General Meeting will be
40 Full Members. If the number of members present is less than the quorum, the General Meeting will be postponed for four weeks, upon which day the Meeting must be carried out regardless of the number of members present. Any failure to obtain a quorum at such a meeting must be communicated to the Police Sports Council forthwith for information.
20. The Chairman and Vice Chairman (1) & (2) may from time to time convene ad hoc meetings with responsible Committee members to address any imminent needs in pursuing the objectives of the PAC.

21. A decision to dissolve the PAC will be made by no less than three quarters of the Full Membership present at a General Meeting.
22. The PAC will be considered dissolved if an Annual General Meeting is not held within the prescribed period.
23. The use of the police name of the PAC is subject to the approval of the Commissioner of Police who may cancel it at his/her absolute discretion if he/she thinks fit. Upon cancellation of the approval by the Commissioner, the PAC shall be dissolved with immediate effect.

24. A Full Member or Associate Member may be nominated as a candidate for the Executive Committee if he/she is proposed and seconded by another Full Member at the Annual General Meeting or in writing received by post by the Executive Committee one week before the meeting is to be held. An Associate Member duly nominated to be a candidate for the Executive Committee may be considered for any post other than the posts of Chairman, Vice-Chairman (1) & (2) and Treasurer.

25. "Full Members" of the Club must be serving Police Officers, serving Auxiliary Police Officers or serving Civilians (including civilian Civil Servants, Non-Civil Service Contract Staff, and Non-Government Funds Employees) attached to the Hong Kong Police Force.

26. Associate membership will be separated into three categories as follows:
a. Associate Member (Family)
b. Associate Member (Retiree)
c. Associate Member (Ordinary).
27. Membership for Full Members, Associate Members (Family) and Associate Members (Retiree) is governed by criteria as described in the Sports Council Guidelines and is available by application to the Executive Committee or through participation as an event organizer, volunteer-helpers, or participants, in any training activities or competition events organised by the PAC or serving as an elected office-bearer or committee member of the Executive Committee. Spouses and children under 23 years of age of all Full Members are eligible to apply for Associate Membership (Family). The qualifying age of such children may be amended from time to time in line with any change in the Police Sports Council guidelines specifying the qualifying age of children to participate in any Force sports events. Membership for Full Members, Associate Members (Family) and Associate Members (Retiree) is reviewed annually subject to endorsement of the Executive Committee following an Annual General Meeting. Normally, membership will not be renewed for a member who has stopped to participate or assist in PAC events or activities for more than one year.
28. In the case of Associate Membership (Ordinary), membership is available by application to the Executive Committee who will forward such application, with a recommendation, to the Sports Council who may approve or reject it. Associate Membership (Ordinary) will be reviewed, on an annual basis, by the Executive Committee and forwarded to the Sports Council for approval. Specific qualifying criteria for Associate Membership are contained in the Sports Council Guidelines.

29. Members of the PAC will have the right to:
a. enjoy the facilities provided by the PAC; and
b. participate in any activities and competition events organised by the PAC.
30. Only Full Members have voting rights. Associate Members do not have voting rights but they may be elected as committee members other than the posts of Chairman, Vice-Chairman (1) & (2) and Treasurer at which time they would have voting rights during committee meetings.

31. Members of the PAC are obliged to :
a. abide by the constitution of the PAC;
b. abide by resolutions passed at a General Meeting;
c. uphold and maintain the reputation of the PAC; and
d. support the PAC in a decent and respectable manner.

32. The PAC undertakes to :
a. uphold and maintain the reputation of the Hong Kong Police;
b. abide by decisions passed by the Police Sports Council; and
c. support the Police Sports Council in the discharge of its duties and responsibilities.
33. Annual subscriptions and entry fees for all events organised by the PAC may be levied on participating members at such rate as determined by the Executive Committee from time to time.

34. The Treasurer will maintain a separate account for all funds allocated by the Police Sports Council. These accounts are to be audited by an independent auditor annually and submitted together with receipts of the same to the Senior Treasury Accountant (Management Accounting) (STA MA) of the Police Force through the Superintendent, Clubs Catering and Sports, Personnel Services and Staff Relation Branch (SP CCS PS&SR).
35. All other accounts and their balances are to be properly audited, declared at the Annual General Meeting and submitted with the minutes of that meeting to the Police Sports Council through the SP CCS PS&SR. Private accounts operated by the PAC must be open for inspection upon request by members or the Police Sports Council.

36. Any member who causes disrepute to the PAC may be expelled by the Executive Committee. A member so expelled may object to his/her expulsion by appeal to the General or Extraordinary General Meeting, which may retain the membership of such a member.
37. Whilst all Members are encouraged to participate in any public athletic events in their private capacity, they will only be deemed to represent the PAC with the prior consent from the Executive Committee. Under no circumstances will Members use or display any PAC banner or sign during any public events without prior approval from the Executive Committee. Members who are trained by PAC coaches or having received training organized by the PAC may apply for registration as athletes of the Hong Kong Amateur Athletic Association (HKAAA) through the endorsement of the PAC coaches provided that such members have not caused disrepute to PAC and such members are to pay their registration and other fees due to HKAAA at their own expense.
38. Executive Committee members are expected to turn up for meetings and participate actively in PAC affairs. An Executive Committee Member may be released from serving the Committee before expiry of the current tour upon his/her application to the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee may release any Committee Member upon his/her repeated failure to participate in any meeting or work assignments on more than three consecutive occasions.

39. Funds accrued by the PAC must be used solely for meeting the PAC expenditure and for the furtherance of its objectives. Expenditures of any amount must be endorsed by either the Chairman or the Vice Chairman and, in either case, with the support from two other Executive Committee members during General Meetings or any ad hoc meetings for which formal minutes are maintained by the Secretary.

40. On or before 1st February each year the PAC will submit its budget estimates for the following financial year to the Police Sports Council through the SP CCS PS&SR. The budgets will consist of the following documents/information:
a. Sports Council Budget proforma detailing the budget requirements for the next financial year;
b. Sports Council Budget proforma showing an estimate of expenditure basing on a breakdown of the monies spent from the previous year’s budget;
c. A membership list showing the current membership; and
d. An inventory of all equipment currently in the Club's possession.
41. The financial year of the PAC will end on 31 March each year. After which date, accounts will be prepared and audited prior to the Annual General Meeting, where they will be discussed. Once accepted, a copy of the audited accounts, together with receipts, must be sent to the SP CCS PS&SR within 14 days after the conclusion of the meeting.

42. For the purpose of furthering the objectives of the PAC, it has been a good tradition for the PAC to organise annual events and nominate representatives to other public / inter-government department events as listed in Annex "B".
43. Approval must be sought from the Executive Committee for the organisation of any additional activities and participation in other events in the name of the PAC regardless of any requirement for fund or other resources from PAC. In urgent incidents, the Chairman may approve participation in any public event if no cost is required of PAC and such participation is beneficial to promoting the objectives of the PAC.

44 . An amendment to the PAC constitution must be passed by at least two thirds of the Full Membership present at an Annual General Meeting or Extraordinary General Meeting and have the subsequent approval of the Police Sports Council.

45. For the purpose of meeting all requirements under this constitution, any minutes of meeting, announcement of events and other notices must be posted on the PAC website at

46. In case the PAC should be involved in any debts or liabilities, it shall be the responsibility of all Committee Members of the term in which the debts or liabilities were incurred, to meet them.
47. The PAC will take out an insurance policy to indemnify the PAC against any claims of injuries or damages caused to any members (including the Committee Members), helpers, guests and other third persons arising from any activities organised by the PAC.
48. Should the PAC be dissolved, any surplus assets after meeting all outstanding debts and liabilities will be paid to the Police Welfare Fund.

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